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What is the StormTech 2100?
The StormTech 2100 is an industry leading duct cleaning vehicle that utilizes the latest and best technology on the market. The StormTech 2100's innovative design offers the most storage capacity of any truck in the industry; designed for both commercial and residential work.
How Does Our Technology Work?
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  StormTech Operational Features
Easy access, industry-leading storage capacity, the best materials, the Kuboto Turbo Diesel engine and the powerful German...
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The Stormtech 2100’s unique vacuum system utilizes proven vacuum technology to filter any and all debris down to 1 micron, greatly reducing particulate exhausted outdoors. We employ a high volume Cincinnati fan system with 14” of mercury pull, which will give you all the required vacuum for the biggest of projects.

The cyclonic filtration system has the advantage of not requiring any filter bags, which means they never get clogged up, it always maintain high vacuum, and does not create any air flow resistance to CFM. Utilized in combination with the high velocity Cincinnati fan, the StormTech 2100 has got excess vacuum power for any work.
The StormTech 2100 in action.
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